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About us
Autor: TINA ČERPINKO, 19. 11. 2015.

6th Primary/Elementary School

Primary/elementary school: 6th Primary School Varaždin
• Address: 13, Dimitrija Demetra Street
• Town: Varaždin
• Post code: 42000 Varaždin
• County: Varaždinska županija (Varaždin County)
• e-mail:;
• Secretary's office - telephone number: (385) 042/260-343
• Secretary's office - fax number: (385) 042/260-343
• Accountancy office - telephone number: (385) 042/658-982
• Pedagogue's office - telephone number: (385) 042/260-354
• Special education teacher's office - telephone number: (385) 042/658-980
School accounts:
• Bank account - gyro: 2340009-1110218216
• IBAN: HR0423400091110218216
• Privredna banka Zagreb
Principle: Mario Stančić, dipl.inf.
Coordinator: Ksenija Dretar, prof.

6th Primary/Elementary School was founded on 2 September 1967 under the name of Primary School „May 8“ Varaždin. At that time 831 pupils attended the school in grades 1 to 8 and were divided into 24 forms. The school had 35 employees,  28 of which were teachers. The first school principal was Mr. Franjo Ljubić.
During the school year of 1970/71 the first audiovisual classroom was equipped with modern teaching aids. At that time teachers started using many educational films, tv-shows and film strips in their classes, as well as doing many practical exercises, experiments and demonstrations. 
During the school year of 1971/72   an extended stay was first introduced i.e. it was made possible for students to stay in the school throughout whole working day. 
During the school year of 1990/91Religious Education once again became one of the school subjects in our school as well as in all state schools.
On May 17 2001 the newly built school canteen was opened. 810 pupils attended schoool at that time. During the same school year Mr. Vladimir Strugar, the contemporary Croatian Minister for Education and Sports, visited our school and, on that occasion, praised the successful implementation of a pilot-programme for integration of students with special needs into regular schools. Good cooperation between the school and students' parents was especially well-shown through charity work organized by the Croatian Red Cross, Caritas and Women's Association of Varaždin. 
During the school year of 2001/02, due to lack of space, the extended stay for pupils was not organized. Later, a new part of the school building was built.
On January 17 2006, Dragan Primorac, the contemporary Croatian Minister for Science, Education and Sports, visited the 6th Primary School Varaždin. He witnessed the introduction of whole-day classes and the beginning of one-shift classes in Varaždin,  as the first town in Croatia that started with such school working hours (school classes held in one shift, as opposed to previous two shifts, held in all schools throughout the country – morning shift and afternoon shift). 
During the school year of 2013/14 the 6th Primary School Varaždin was attended by 763 students divided into 33 forms. The school now employs 51 teachers.



School in differenet seasons

                      Spring 2011          Autumn 2013              Winter 2014              Summer 2015




Location: Dimitrija Demetra 13, 42 000 Varaždin

VI. osnovna škola, Varaždin 

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